Saturday, September 3, 2011

The cast of Season 23 and "South Pacific" right around the corner!

As you probably have already noticed, the cast has for Survivor: South Pacific has been announced and it turns out that the rumours are true.  Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth and Benjamin "Coach" Wade are both returning to play Survivor for the 3rd time in all their doucheiness.  Coach appears to be the same dragon slayer we are familiar with but Ozzy looks a little different since the last time we saw him play, 3 years ago.  In fact... wait a minute:

That's quite the new hair-do, Ozzy.  It looks rather Coach-esque, wouldn't you think?  Something tells me Oscar is going to lose a huge chunk of his female fan base rocking that mane.

I'm surprised that the two returning players were announced before the season premiered but I guess the were already spoiled long ago.  I'm excited to see how the new cast will react to these two dummies getting out of the chopper. Speaking of thew new cast:

It looks like the cast is going to be a hell of a lot more interesting than last season.  There are some interesting personalities lined up for South Pacific so we'll have to wait and see how they meld with each other. You can read further about the cast on  the official CBS Survivor website. Looks like it's going to be a goo-WAIT.  BRANDON HANTZ?  That's one rumour that I CANNOT believe turned out to be true! In fact, I didn't even bother mentioning Brandon Hantz in my last entry because I thought the rumour was so ridiculous. Are the producers that desperate for ratings that they have to keep the Hantz name in Survivor? Just let Russel die (so to speak).  He had his time (two times too many).  He had his fun, we had ours. But let's move on. Let's start fresh.  Two veteran Survivors are already making a third time appearance so I don't think people need to hear Russel's name tossed around for another season.
I can just imagine how the staff meeting went:

Jeff: I got it! Let's bring Russel back AGAIN!
Producer: No, Jeff. We can't do that.
Jeff: C'mon! Imagine how arrogant and annoying he'll be!
Producer: Yes, we know. We've seen it already... three times.
Jeff: Pleeeeeeeease?
Producer: No.
Producer: No.
Jeff: I'll scream!
Producer: Ugh. Okay! We'll get his brother or his nephew or something and we'll bring Russel back as a FAMILY VISIT.
Jeff: YAY!

So that raises the question. Is Brandon going to keep his family name a secret? Is Russel going to make surprise appearance for the family visit and make everyone shit a brick?  We know it's not going to be his wife, she's way too pregnant.  I guess we'll have to wait and see mid season.

What are your opinions on the new cast and the returning contestants?

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